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The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is a committee composed of student athletes willing to offer input and insight to rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes' lives on and off the Mars Hill University campus. This committee is now an NCAA requirement. All sports on the Mars Hill University campus are equally represented and have the ability to effect changes on the campus, in this conference and on a national level. And we will strive to make life for all collegiate athletes better.

Below are a list of the 2019-20 representatives:

Co-Presidents: Jayson Moorman (Men's Soccer/Men's Lacrosse) & Rebecca Dallman (Women's Lacrosse)
Co-Vice Presidents: Cody Boynton (Football) & Brendan Emery (Baseball)
Treasurer: Lorna Doorman (Women's Swimming)
Secretary: Gini Joy (Women's Lacrosse)

Football: Cody Boynton
Baseball: Brendan Emery, Sam Kaplan, Austin Marler, Kam Reynolds
Softball: Maggie Langheim, Danielle Harris, Sydney Craig, Brittany Duncan
Volleyball: Sara Pasour, Eriana Ansley, Sarah Boler, Sarah Goddard
Men's Basketball: Matthew Powell, Joshua Wiley
Women's Basketball: Alexis Pardue, Hannah McIntosh
Men's Soccer: Jayson Moorman, Joakim Lien, Andres Frick 
Women's Soccer: Kiana Tuckett, Audrey Scoggins
Women's Golf: LeAnn Crofts, Vaneciea Osborne
Men's Lacrosse: Jayson Moorman, Sam Whittman, Spencer Andrews
Women's Lacrosse: Gini Joy, Rebecca Dallman, Maria Fabrizio, Christina Fabrizio
Men's Cross Country: Jared Stanely
Women's Cross Country: Kylee Peck
Men's Track & Field: Ben Goodlett
Women's Track & Field: Emma Medlin
Men's Tennis: Fernando Neto
Women's Tennis: Victoria Franklin
Men's Swimming: Erwin Ortiz
Women's Swimming: Haley Horton, Lorna Doorman
Spirit Teams: Sabrina Brewer, Susan Williams